Furry Friends Grooming Services and Pricing

Dog Grooming

For Your Dog

For dogs, all services include nail trimming, ear cleaning, enzymatic teeth spray, a bath with shampoo and conditioner tailored to your pets’ needs, as well as a haircut, if needed. Haircuts can be anything from a breed specific trim to a shave down, or a simple perimeter and feather trim.

For Your Cat

For cats, we provide a multitude of services from nail trimming to brush-outs, to lion cuts, other cuts, and baths and ear cleaning can be added to any of those. Please note that cats may not end with a completed service depending on their temperament and current frame of mind.

Why pet parents love our services

Take care of your pet's needs, all in one place.

We know you want the best for your pet, so bring it to Furry Friends Grooming where he or she will get the full spa treatment your pet deserves.  At Furry Friends we treat your pet like our own, so we understand the trust you have in us with your pet. Our professional and caring services allow us to make sure your pet receives the unique attention and affection they deserve from their groomer. We will keep you informed of every decision regarding the well-being of your pet to ensure your peace of mind. 

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Furry Friends Grooming - Lakewood, Colorado

We offer a wide variety of grooming services, just about everything your best friend needs. Please allow up to 4-hours for us to complete your pet’s service. Less time is required for most bath and brush dogs. This promotes a less stressful appointment for you and your pet!

Haircuts Starting at:

Bath and trims will be somewhere in between.
Please note, pricing is not an exact science. It will also depend upon the time the groom takes, coat condition and temperament of your dog.

We are no longer expressing anal glands, but we will evaluate them and let you know so you can address any issues with your veterinarian.

Matted Dog Warning:
Has it been a long time since you’ve had a chance to have your dog groomed and now it is matted? Many groomers refuse to work on matted dogs because the safest solution is to do a comfort clipping and this can sometimes injure the dog. Furry Friends will groom your matted dog. But there are some things that you need to be aware of. We care deeply for the pets we groom and when a matted dog comes in it is our goal to ensure they get the best groom possible. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us on the contact us page. Please review our Matted Dog Release form. You can print it for your convenience and bring it in signed when you bring in your pet. There may be an additional charge for this process: It’s time consuming, and causes extra wear and tear on grooming equipment.